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Laughter Yoga

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Watch the video and answer the questions

1 Who laugh more?

 teens              adults                  kids under 6    school kids

2 How much is the fee in a laughter yoga class?

 three dollars    there’s no fee      three pounds    ten dollars

3 Laughter is ……………

 continuous     conceiving            spontaneous     contagious

4 What kinds of exercises do you do in a laughter yoga class?

 yoga poses     stimulated laughter    telling jokes     breathing

5 What nationality is the founder of laughter yoga?

 American       Indian                  Indonesian         Italian

6 When did he start his first laughter club?

 1995             1990                   1895                 1919

7 Where did he give his first laughter class?

in a public park    in a public school     at home      in Denver

8 Why did the male interviewee first go to the laughter yoga club?

 Because he doesn’t have a sense of humour.

 Because he wanted to make friends.

 Because he was stressed and hoped laughter would ease it.

 Because he wanted to do aerobic exercises.

9 Every interviewee feels …………………… thanks to laughter yoga

 funnier        more relaxed         more open        busier

10 Which of the following parts of your body ARE NOT mentioned?

  heart           lungs              muscles            immune system




Watch the video again and fill in the missing words.


I think if more people , it would  a much better world.


It looks fun, ? Scientific research shown the benefits of  range from strengthening the immune  to reducing  carvings, they help  vessels function better. No matter what your  or profession, the laughter  say this really is for everyone.