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Hello, my name is John Mayer. I知 from France. From a small city called Annecy. I知 a businessman for the Coca Cola Company in Australia. In my free-time I知 a professional dancer and I love to dance. My favorite dance style is samba.

Hi, my name痴 Steve Rossetti. I知 from Milan, in Italy. I知 a film director for Warner Bros in California. In my free-time I知 a musician. My favorite band is U2.

Hello, my name痴 Richard Smith. I知 from New York in the USA. I知 a cook for a famous restaurant in London. In my free-time I知 a tennis player. My favorite sport is Tennis.

Hello, my name痴 Julliana Mcain. I知 from Africa. From a small country called Congo. I知 a teacher for children in Spain. In my free-time I知 a taxi driver. My favorite team is Corinthians.

Hi, my name痴 Ross Geller. I知 from El Salvador in Latin America. I知 a pilot for the El Salvadorian army. I知 in Panama. In my free-time I知 a karate fighter. My favorite food is Chocolate.

1)- Correct the sentences:

a- John Mayer is from California

b- John Mayer is a musician in his free-time

c- Steve Rossetti is a film director for Universal channel

d- Steve Rossetti is from Africa

e- Richard smith is from a very big city called Jamagongo

f- Ross Geller is a professional dancer and his favorite food is coconut

g- Julliana Mcain isn稚 from Africa and her favorite team is Palmeiras.