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Listening Exercise

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Listening Exercise

Watch, Listen, and Answer.ClapThumbs Down
1- Where will Jane's sister have a party?
2- Did Helen like the dress?
3- Where did Alison go after she shown them her new dress?
4- Did they manage to clean the dress?
Complete the following.CryHug
jane's sister is going to a��so she bought. She�shown the the dress to her sister's friends�.
They,however, poured some on it. They tried to clean it but all was in vain. They felt very sorry and decided to
. They went shopping and started searching for a dress. They found one and bought it for. When they
went home, they had to tell Alison the truth. Alison did not get angry because simply the dress they bought was much more
than hers.At the end, the friends discoverd that she bought her�dress from�for just�. They were all taken aback.
Do you think Helen will learn from that lesson?