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Why poetry is Important

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Why Poetry is Important

Poetry has been around since man developed the ability to speak, read and write.         

 In ancient times, poetry was used as a means to record history.
Parents would tell their children stories in rhyme making it easy for them to remember
 and pass down to their own children and so on through the generations.
In this exercise you will see, hear, watch four poems
 and then answer questions about each one. Thanks Anita for the inspiration. Good Luck!
1-How does the second verse begin in 'the ravages of time'?
   a)the ravages of time b)When the energy you've been robbed of c)now apparent on your face d)and find that you can't replace
2-Which poem shows a picture of a clown?
a)Solace  b)A night on the lake shore  c)The ravages of time   d)Unicorns and Dragonflies
3-Whose quote is shown at the end of Solace?
a) William Shakespeare  b) Mother Teresa   c)Grantland Rice    d)Jerry Rice
4-What does the poet tell you he has to do in the first verse of 'Unicorns and Dragonflies'?
a) Surmise    b) Enterprise    c)Surprise     d)Fantasise
5- Who narrates 'The Ravages of Time'?
a) Franknbea     b)Bruce Springsteen    c)Leonard Cohen      d)Tom Waits
6-What phase is the moon in 'night on the lake shore'?
a)Full     b)Quarter    c)Crescent      d)Half
7-In 'the lakeshore' what kind of bird flies past the couple?
a) A Bald Eagle   b) A Snowy Owl    c)A Barn Owl       d)A Golden Eagle
8-'When things seem at their worst', what do the clouds promise?
a) A silver lining  b)nothing but rain   c)thunder and lightning     d)a hail storm
9-Who is jealous of the unicorns and dragonflies?
a) the fish   b) the birds    c)the bees    d)the humans
10-Unicorns and Dragonflies plays to the sound of Brian Eno, what is the song called?
a)I'll die for you   b)given the chance     c)on some faraway beach    d)I'll remove the tears from your eyes
So, how did you do?
10 correct- CONGRATULATIONS! (please help me, I need some poetry lessons)
8-10 correct- Way to go! You're a poet. I'll sharpen the quil, you get the parchment.
5-8 correct- Very good! You could probably make a decent living writing rap lyrics.
2-5 correct- Ok! So you're no Willie the Shake but you could write one or two verses if you put your mind to it
0-2 correct- Oh Come On! My cockatoo rhymes better than you!
0 correct- You are having a laugh! STOP WASTING MY TIME AND DO THE EXERCISE AGAIN. NOW! (eh! eh! eh!)
Thank you for taking part. I hope you had some fun. Remember;
"A poem left unspoken is just one more story that our children will never learn, a poem left unwritten is a stain on the character of the poet." - Quote by Franknbea