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present perfect

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Choose the correct answer. Already/yet/just

1- The train has left. It was about one hour ago.
2- The plane haslanded. Now it's coming to Gate 4.
3- Maradona hasn't won a world cup with Argentina
4- We have signed a contract with our new supplier in Berlin. We did that two weeks ago.
5- Farida hasn't come up with some good ideas regarding her business project.
6- Ali has left the classroom. You can catch him if you hurry.
7- Brasil has been chosen as the host country of the 2014 world cup but they haven't finished 1/3 of the projects
8- Omar has learnt English for 6 years and he hasn't had a good accent
9- Karima has drunk her cup of coffee. Look. It's still hot.
10-The CEO has appointed a new GM for the SouthWest outlets. It happened two days ago.
11- It has stopped raining. The ground is still wet.
12- Have you finished your tasks?
13- Not . But we have done the first 5 assignements
14- She has cleaned the whole house. I guess it was this morning. Now it's 3 pm.
15- Inspite of the hardwork, Peter hasn't got good grades in Maths
16- The painter has painted these walls. Look! They are still fresh. And you'd better not touch that.
17- Not an athlete has beaten the world record in 1,500 since 1990.
18- The President has met with Delegates from the military committee in the Congress to talk about the situation in Southeast Asia.
19- It has been confirmed that Hisham is getting married next week. I got the news from Hmad two minutes ago.
20- They have been talking for more than two weeks and still they haven't agreed on a project plan