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Collocations with do and make.

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MAKE and DO (Part I)
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Collocations with MAKE and DO
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Collocations with Do and Make
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Age: 14-17
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Collocations with MAKE and DO
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-100
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Vocabulary study : Collocations with « make » and « do »
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Fill in the gaps with DO or MAKE:

1. Will you  me a favour?

2.    It’s your turn to  the dishes today.
3.    I will  a list of the things we need.
4.    Ok, I will  an exception for you
5.    Please, don’t  mistakes.
6.    I need to go out now, it’s urgent. I have to  a phone call.
7.    The good students always  their homework.
8.    My father won’t  the cleaning.
9.    My husband never helps me  dinner.
10.    The workers I hire always  a good job.

11.    I always  the washing up myself.
12.    The students don’t like to  quizzes.
13.    The menu was so good that it was difficult for us to a choice.
14.    The soldiers are obliged to  their beds every morning.
15.     an effort to finish before lunch.
16.    The doctor asked me to  exercise.
17.    I don’t know how people  money without hard work.
18.    We have to  a decision quickly.
19.    They wanted to  an offer to build the bridge.
20.    Can anybody  a suggestion? I am completely in the dark.
21.    If you want to buy that car, I am sure we can  a deal.
22.    Let’s go out tonight and  the town.
23.    I  an appointment to visit my doctor yesterday.
24.    Jim, I told you not to  a mess in the living room!
25.      How much money does your father ?
26.    I like  business with Jack.
27.    I usually  the cleaning on Saturday morning.
28.    Sue cooks but I  the dishes.
29.    Let’s  a date for the 15th.
30.    I’d be happy if you would  the honors.
31.    He  everything by hand, he’s amazing.
32.    How much profit did your company  last year?