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nouns and verbs that go together Unit10 new headway

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Hi!! I hope you find this useful. It's not easy for me to make this for you. So at least make an attempt to do the excersises.

1. Read and write the correct verb IN THE CORRECT FORM. (discover, make, tell, keep, lose, give , miss, carry)

1. Mum: Jeremy, my dear, me the truth. Trust me.

2. Some time ago, it was water under the ground in the North of Argentina.

3. Marge is desperated. She doesn't know how to the peace at her home.

4. The psychologist adviced Monk to a diary.

5. The teacher the truth after investigating hard.

6. Father: Joe, if you study hard, I'll buy you the last play station or anything you want.
Joe: You won't do that! You're a liar. You never a promise.

7. Why are you an umbrella?

8. A: Who do you think is the best comedian?
B: Mmm... I think that Jim Carrey good jokes.

9. A: Why is Mark sad? Does he his family?
B: HA!HA!HA! No, he doesn't. He is sad because Boca the game.

10. Mum: WAKE UUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!! If you the bus again, I'll kill you.
Child: Don't worry mum. The only thing I'll is you mum.

11. You didn't ask but I'll you a piece of advice. You decide to take it or not.

12. Excusme. Could you please me some information about the course?

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