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Nelson Mandela´s Biography

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Nelson Mandela : a biography
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Writing a biography: Nelson MANDELA
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biography of Nelson Mandela
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nelson mandela´s biography
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Listen to the video and try to answer the following questions about Nelson Mandela's life:

1. When was Mandela born?


2. Where?


3. Who was his father?


4. How old was Mandela when he started his British education?


5. Who gave him the name “Nelson”?


6. Why did he escape to Johannesburg?


7. When was that?


8. What was the aim of the African National Congress?


9. In what year did the Government arrest Nelson?


10. How many other activists were arrested?


11. What was the charge?


12. What did his first wife, Evelyn, do?


13. Find a synonym for the expression take a toll mean in your language.


14. How long did he wait for his trial?


15. What adjectives are used to describe Winnie Madikizela?


16. When did they marry?


17.How many people were killed during the peaceful demonstration?


18. How many people were wounded?


19. When Mandela returned to South Africa, how many years was he sentenced to prison?


20.While he was in prison, he was also charged with....


21.What’s the name of the prison where he was sentenced to life imprisonment?


22. In what year was Mandela released?


23. What did they give him in 1993?


24. After how long could the blacks in South African vote to choose their rulers?


25. How old was Mandela when he was elected President?


26. How many years of his life was he in jail?


27. When did he and his wife divorce?


28. What did Mandela do in 1998?


29. How old was he?


30.In which war did he mediate?

31. What borders Burundi? (Check the Internet)