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The Rolling Stones ´Sympathy for the devil´ song-based activity

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The Rolling Stones 'Sympathy For The Devil'


I. Choose correct word:
"Sympathy  the Devil" is a song by The Rolling Stones which first appeared the opening track the band's 1968 album Beggars Banquet. It was written Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The working title of the song was "The Devil Is My Name", and it is sung Jagger as a first-person narrative from the point view  Lucifer.Rolling Stone magazine placed it #32 their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

II. Listen to the song and do the tasks:

Write in:
Please allow me to myself
I'm a man of   and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul and  
And I was 'round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of  and pain
Made damn sure that Pilate
Washed his hands and  his fate
Put in correct order:

 But what's puzzling you
 Hope you guess my name
Is the nature of my game
 Pleased to meet you

Write in Past Simple forms of these verbs:

I (stick) around St. Petersburg
When I  (see) it was a time for a change 
 (kill) the Czar and his ministers
Anastasia  (scream) in vain

 (ride) a tank
 (hold) a general's rank
When the Blitzkrieg  (rage)
And the bodies  (stink)

(woo woo, woo woo)

I  (watch) with glee
While your kings and queens
 (fight) for ten decades
For the gods they  (made)
(woo woo, woo woo)

Choose correct word:

I shouted ,
"Who killed the Kennedys?"
after all
It was you and me
(who who, who who)

Let me please introduce
I'm a man of  and taste
And I laid traps for troubadours
Who get killed before they Bombay
(woo woo, who who)

(who who, who who) (x2)
Write in missing words:

Just as every  is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is
Just call me Lucifer
'Cause I'm in need of some
(who who, who who)

So if you meet me
Have some
Have some sympathy, have some taste
(woo woo)
Use all your well-learned
Or I'll lay your to waste, mmm yeah
(woo woo, woo woo)

(woo woo, woo woo)

Unscramble these words:

Woo, who
Oh yeah, get on down
Oh yeah Oh yeah! (woo woo)

Tell me  ABBY, what's my name
Tell me honey, can ya  EUSGS my name
Tell me  ABBY, what's my name
I tell you one time, you're to  ABELM

Oh, who woo, woo ...

What's my name
Tell me,  ABBY, what's my name
Tell me,  EEEITSW, what's my name

Woo, who, who Woo, who, who ....
III. Pronunciation.
    allow, taste,  intoduce, honey, down, lay, criminal, nature, sinners, shouted,  glee   





IV. Wordsearch. FInd these words: soul, seal, blame, tank, minister, troubadour, well-learned, confusing, courtesy, sympathy.


V. Crossword.
1. Courteous formality; politeness.
2. To cause someone to feel confused and slightly worried because they cannot understand something, or to think hard about something in order to understand it.
3. A police officer.
4. To control the actions or behaviour of someone by force, especially in order to stop them from doing something, or to limit the growth or force of something.
5. Great trust or confidence in something or someone.
6. Happiness, excitement or pleasure.
7. A priest in particular parts of the Christian church.
The Answer is :  . Who is he?