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R5- Checkpoint 1 Nicole´s Biography

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Nicole Kidman Biography
I) Complete the biography choosing the right word.
Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii in 1967, but her family(1) back to Australia when she was four years old. Her parents had strong opinions about almost everything. Every day (2)start with physical exercises for Nicole and her (3) . At meals, the conversation was usually political.
As a girl, Nicole loved ballet, and she took classes in dance and drama and (4)  very hard. She was a striking teenager- as (5)   most men, with pale skin and red hair. Soon she was one of the (6)  actresses at Sydney's Philip Street Theater.
She got her first big acting opportunity as a 16-year-old in the Australian movie Brush Christmas. She made her first American movie in 1989. In the same year, Nicole (7)  Tom Cruise when the two of them (8)  in Days of Thunder. They married in 1990, but divorced in 2001.
II) Choose the most appropriate words or phrases to complete the conversation.
A: Nicole Kidman was born in the U.S. , wasn't she?
B: Yes, and (9)  was Mel Gibson, but he didn't (10)  to Australia until he was 12 years old. I think his "Mad Max" movies are great!
A: Yes, I (11) ,too. I didn't (12)  like that kind of movie, but "Mad Max" is special.
B: I (13)  my video of "Mad Max" when you (14)  me last night! I haven't decided yet, but I (15)  do my thesis on the "Mad Max" movies.
A: Oh, yes - you're studying filmmaking!
B: That's right. Hey, what (16)  tonight? Let's watch "Mad Max III."
A: Sure! That will be (17)  than watching TV.
B: Yes. And the (18)  useful thing for me will be your answers to my questionnaire.
A: Questionnaire? Ah, research for your thesis, I suppose. OK- what time?
B: Well, my classes (19)  at 7 p.m., so what about 7:30 p.m.?
A: OK, I (20)  at your place at 7:25 p.m.
Score out of 20 questions
* 18-20 Excellent!        15-17 Very good!       12-14 OK, but review.       9-11 You have some problems. Review units.        0-8 Talk to your teacher
III) Find ten adjectives in the word search.

 IV) Make three comparative and two superlative sentences using the adjectives from the word search. The first team to get the five correct sentences wins.

Eg.: Running is more stressful than gardening.
Skydiving is the most interesting activity I've done.
* Your groups have five minutes to make the sentences. Start now!!!