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Directions: Read the following sentences and click on the best answer according the antonym
1. Today is a WARM  day, said Karoline to Peter.


Hot.                                                    Cool

  Shine.                                                Heat.


2. He is a STRONG man.


  Weak                                                  Sturdy

  Powerful                                               Happy


3. We are going to talk with our ENEMIES


         Lost                                                    Neighbors.

         Friends                                               Rivals.


4. Mr. Brown always makes EASY tests


  Soft                                                    Hard

  Strong                                                Weak


5. His garden is very LARGE


               Small                                                  Enormous

         Big                                                     Huge


6.  OPEN the door, please!


                     Close                                                Huge

         Free                                                  Soak


7. In the trial the judge declared this person GUILTY of all the facts


              Easy                                                   Rival

        innocent                                              Simple


8. The International Organizations are going to be in a TEMPORARY way in the country


               Permanent                                         Guess

         Complicated                                      Soak


9. How POVERTY is defined?


                    Wealthy                                              Guilty

        Cold                                                   Idle


10. How you are going to JOIN these wires?, Said Ana to Pedro  


       Paste                                                    Separate

     Unite                                                    Gather


11. He is HAPPY of being here. 


       First                                                      Jolly

     Unhappy                                                exited  


12. My MOTHER is living in Guanacaste.  


       Small                                                     Father

     Love                                                      Guilty