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Listen to the first chapter and answer the questions that follow:

Remember: whenever you have to type the answer, capitalization and punctuation make the difference!

01. Alice is an only child.
02. Was Alice having fun?
03. Where was Alice at first?
04. Who was reading a book?
Alice someone else  nobody
05. What does Alice like in books?
bright colors leather covers imagesdialogs
06. Did Alice have anything to entertain herself with?
07. What did Alice consider doing to enjoy herself?
try to find a florist try to find a forest try to find some flowers
08. Why didn't she do that?
09. What called Alice's attention?
a running rabbit a hopping rabbit
10. What was the rabbit wearing?
11. Was the rabbit worried?
12. Did Alice go after the rabbit?
yes no
13. Where did the rabbit go?
14. Did she think about the consequences of going after the rabbit?
yes no
15. How did she fall down the hole?
16. How did she feel?
afraid curious afraid and curious
more curious than afraid more afraid than curious
17. What was there in the walls of the rabbit hole?
cold boards cute boars cupboards
opened cupboards pictures
18. Did she think she would go across the globe?
yes no
19. Then, what did she worry about?
her sister her pet
20. Whose company did she want?
her sister's her pet's
21. What did she see down the hole?
the rabbit her sister her pet
22. What was the  worried about?
23. Was it like a maze there?
yes no
24. What did she see when she got to a big room?
holes and doors mores holes some doors
a door only some doors
25. Where was the key she saw?
26. Could she use the key at first?
yes no
27. What was the key for?
28. Did she like what shw saw when she oppened the door?
yes no
29. What was it?
30. What did she need to do in order to go to the ?
31. Did she enjoy the taste of what she dank?
yes no
32. How long did it take her to get the results she expected?
It took her  to get .
33. How did she react when she  get the
She .
34. What did she have to do to get the
She  to .
35. What happened?

What is going to happen next?