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The Puffin: The Clown of the Sea

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Listening Comprehension

Watch a video about puffins and tick the correct answers.


1 Where is the puffin colony situated?  

On an island off the coast       On the main land      In the State of Maine      In the Indian Ocean


2 Why do the cameramen use a special infra-red video?

Because puffins are afraid of light.                      Because baby puffins always leave their nests at night.

Because the parents are not with their baby at night.   Because the parents would attack the cameramen.


3 When is a puffin’s bill colourful?

All the time.        In winter           In the nesting season.         When it is not in the water.


4 Puffins often attack each other during the mating season.

True                 False


5 Puffins can use their bills to show that they like each other.

True                    False


6 Which of the parent birds hatches the egg?

The female bird            The male bird                Both birds hatch the egg at the same time

The parents take turns in incubating the egg.


7 What do you think the narrator means by ‘TLC’?

Tender Loving Care        Tasty Little Chick     The Learning Channel           Total Loving Control


8 The baby puffin finds its way to the ocean because its parents show it the way.

True               False


9 What natural dangers do puffins have to face?

Cold weather and storms        Very cold water and sharks        Storms and predators    Other birds


10 There are thousands of people who love this bird.

True               False




Watch the video again and fill the missing information in the following table.


Number of eggs laid by a puffin couple every year

Time of incubation


Age of a baby puffin when it leaves its nest


Flight speed of a puffin

 miles per hour

Number of wing beats

over  times a minute

Time spent at sea before returning to the mating colony


Reading and Grammar
You can read a lovely poem about Billie Bird if you use the verbs in brackets in the Simple Past Tense and write in the missing words. The images may help.

Billie Bird (wake) up one morning

When the sun  (be) nice and bright.

When she  (ruffle) up her  

She  (be) really quite a sight.


She  (open) up her orange                        

And (let) out a big "tweet-tweet"

Then she  (hop) out of her

On her tiny birdie .


She  (twitch) her back and forth

And  (look) up on her .

Then she (smooth) the feathers on her

"Now I look great!" She (say).


She  (be) ready for a brand new day

And there  (be) very much to do.

So she  (spread) her two big brown

And then - away she  (fly)!