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Kids Halloween video

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Friends Halloween Activity
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1. What color are the children's clothes? Write the colour next to the child's name. example: Lisa - pink
a) Suzie -
b) Mikey -
c) Doug -
2. What costume does Doug pick?�� Football player���� Basketball player ��� Baseball player
3. What costume does Mikey pick?� Pop star ����� Rockstar ��� Sing star
4. What costume does Suzie pick?���� Witch ������� Rockstar ��� Mother
5.�Who has the broom?� Doug ��� Mikey�� ���Suzie
6. Who has the sunglasses?� Doug� �Mikey �� �Suzie
7.�Who has the blue shirt?� Doug � Mikey �� Suzie�
8. Who has the cap?� Doug � �Mikey �� �Suzie
9. What color are Doug's eyes?
10. What color are Suzie's eyes?
11. What do the children say?� Happy Halloween������ Trick or Treat
12. What do the children receive from the houses?
Candy���chocolate ��� gum���lollipop��� apple�� chips�� �popcorn�� candy bar
13. How many candies are there?
14. How many red candies are there?
15. How many blue candies are there?