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The history of Halloween

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A History of Halloween : VIDEO ( 4 pages )
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Age: 9-17
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The History of Halloween
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The History of Halloween
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 155




Listen first and then answer the following questions
1. With whom did Halloween begin?
2. When did the Celtic culture spread across Europe?  More than  years ago.
3. October 31 marked what for the Celts? the end of summer  the start of the harvest season  the end of the harvest season
4.October 31 was also what for the Celtic people?
5. Who or what walked the earth on October 31 according to the Celtic people?
6. In what century did the Catholic Church tried to merge Samhain with a Church sanctioned holiday? In the  century.
7. What was this new holiday called?
8. What does Hallowmas mean?
9. Listen carefully and fill in the blanks:
** The holiday came to  with the wave of   immigrants during the  Famine of the s.
10. What Halloween customs that the Irish bring to North America? Bobbing for  and playing  on .
11. When did Halloween become a dangerous holiday? In the s.
12. Why was it a dangerous holiday back then?
13. What did shop owners and neighbours do to stop the trouble making? They offered  to children.