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Listen and answer the questions:
1. Where was Brad Pitt born?
He was born in .
2. When was he born?
He was born in
3. Where did he grow up?
He grew up in , Missouri.
4. What was his father's name?
5. What was his mother's name?
His mother's name was .
6. When he left Missouri, where did he go to live?
He went to .
7. When did he act with Geena Davis for the first time?
They acted together in .
8. What's the name of the film where he acted with Tom Cruise?
9. When did they play it?
10. What's the name of the thriller movie he played with Gwyneth Paltrow?
The name is .
11. What magazine said Pitt was "the sexiest man alive"?
12. When was that?
In .
13. When did Pitt and Paltrow break up?
In .
14. Where did he "spend 7 years" in one of his movies?
In .
15. When did Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston marry?
They married in .
16. What did they do in 2005?
The couple .
17. What did Brad Pitt say he was missing in his life?
18. How many children did Jolie have when they met?
19. How many children did they adopt later?
They adopted  more children.
20. When was their biological daughter born?
She was born in .
21. Next, what film did he play with George Clooney?
22. In 2008, Brad Pitt was called one of the most...people.