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Listen to the following video and answer the questions:
1. What was Princess Diana's surname?
2. When was she born?
She was born in
3. When did her parents divorce?
They divorced when she was  years old.
4. Who won the custody?
5. With whom did she play as a child?
She played with .
6. In 1975 her father earned a title. Which one?
7. Where did she study?
In .
8. What job did she have in London?
She was a  teacher.
9. When did she start dating Prince Charles?
She started dating him in .
10. Prince Charles was  years her senior.
11. When did they marry?
They married in .
12. When was Prince William born?
He was born in .
13. On which side did the rumours talk about infidelity?
14. What kind of problems did Diana have, according to the press?
15. What British Prime Minister confirmed their separation?
16. When did they officially divorce?
They divorced in .
17. How was she called while she was a member of the Royal family?
18. How was she called afterwards?
She was called .
19. What did she raise awareness about?
About the dangers of anti-personnel .
20. What illness did the people she visited have?
They had .
21. In which city did she die?
She died in .
22.What nationality was Dodi Al Fayed?
He was.
23. What happened to both Dodi and Diana?
They had a .
24. Where did the funeral procession take place?
It took place at .