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What is an ADJECTIVE ?

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Adjectives are words that tell more about a noun.
1. Find an adjective for each letter and write it in the box:
quiet, healthy, vanilla, old, little, awful, tasty, kind, excellent, glass, icy, best, messy, ugly, white, clever, French, red, juicy, young, plastic, noisy, dark, salty.
A-  B-  C-  D-  E-  F-  G-  H-  I-  J-
K-  L- M- N- O-  P-  Q- R- S- T-
U-  V-  W- Y-
2. Choose a good adjective for the following words:
 road                 candy            lemon              box             ice-cream          shirt
 day                movie              window              giant              banana           elephant
3. Find these words in the box below:
across - important, friendly, yummy, thin, black, many, wet
down - bitter, happy, rude, fat, funny, hot, one, dirty, new, light, fast, young.


4. Is it a NOUN or an ADJECTIVE ?
tidy -          desk -               shark -            round -              purple -
smelly -          uncle -               England -          English -        last -