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Cartoon trailer Despicable me

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Cartoon trailer series 1
"Despicable me"
Match beginnings with the ending of the sentences.

1. For Gru being a super villan ...�
2. We stole the Statue of Liberty...
3. He has to control ...
4. He has to outsmart...
5. And he is about to inherit...
6. You will not cry, sneez or par par�fart ...
7. We are going to�get the�true pride of the century...
8. I shrink the moon, I grab the moon....
9.By the time I am done with�Gru...
10. Just because he is a bad guy...
11.Three little kittens started to yawn...
12. Wow, this is garbage...
a)...no anoying sounds.
b)...we are going to steel the moon.
c)...he is going to beg for mercy.
d)...isn't easy.
e)...doesn't mean he is a bad guy.
f)...the small one from Las Vegas.
g)...an army of Minions.
h)...now make them drink the milk.
i)...you actually like this.
j) ...I sit on the toilet.
k)...three small problems.
l)...a ruthless enemy.
By Magdalena Ganowska-Sztuba