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Let it be! Be four young learners worksheet preview
Let it be! Be four young learners

Let's go shopping! worksheet preview
Let's go shopping!

Let's go to the restaurant worksheet preview
Let's go to the restaurant

LET IT BE worksheet preview

Let's practice present continuous!! worksheet preview
Let's practice present continuous!!

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Choose the correct sentences and write them in the white boxes:

 Let's drink some water -  Let's clean his car - Let's buy a cake for her- Let's go to the cinema - Let's buy one ticket for you and one for me - Let's watch TV - Let's do some exercise - Let's sit on that bench - Let's dance - Let's eat a sandwich - Let's look at the calendar - Let's telephone her -Let's take an umbrella -   Let's close the window -  

It's very cold here.                                             

It's very hot. I am thirsty.                                  

I haven't visited Granny this week.                   

Dad's car is very dirty.                                        

It's mum's birthday today.                                 

It's raining. We can't play outside.                    

I want to see the film "Avatar".                          

What's the date today?                                         

It's raining.                                                            

We are going to Oxford by bus.                           

I like this music a lot and I feel so happy...       

I am tired of walking around the park.               

I want to be healthy and fit                                  

I am so hungry