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Choose the correct sentences and write them in the white boxes:

 Let's drink some water -  Let's clean his car - Let's buy a cake for her- Let's go to the cinema - Let's buy one ticket for you and one for me - Let's watch TV - Let's do some exercise - Let's sit on that bench - Let's dance - Let's eat a sandwich - Let's look at the calendar - Let's telephone her -Let's take an umbrella -   Let's close the window -  

It's very cold here.                                             

It's very hot. I am thirsty.                                  

I haven't visited Granny this week.                   

Dad's car is very dirty.                                        

It's mum's birthday today.                                 

It's raining. We can't play outside.                    

I want to see the film "Avatar".                          

What's the date today?                                         

It's raining.                                                            

We are going to Oxford by bus.                           

I like this music a lot and I feel so happy...       

I am tired of walking around the park.               

I want to be healthy and fit                                  

I am so hungry