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How Maple Syrup is Made?

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Maple Syrup������

1. Read the text and fill in the missing verb phrases with an appropriate form (Simple Present or Past Simple) of the given verbs. Use Passive Voice.

Maple syrup (make) from the sap of several types of maple trees. The area is called sugar bush. Most of the world�s supply of maple syrup (produce) in Quebec, Canada. Maple syrup (collect)� first and (used) by Native Americans and was later adopted by European settlers.

It (eat)� most often with pancakes, waffles or French toast. A litre of finished maple syrup (produce) from approximately 40 litres of sugar maple tree sap. A galvanized steel sap bucket with a cover, a hammer, and hand brace with drill bit (use) as traditional tapping equipment.

The trees, not younger than 30-40 years old, (tap) .

The tap hole (drill) a couple inches deep and (angle up) just a bit. A sap spile (hammer) in the hole until it is snug, not too tight. Once the spile is in the tree, the sap will start to drip out, unless the temperature is freezing. The bucket (hang) on the hook under the spile. Rain (prevent) from getting into the bucket by a lid. The buckets (empty) into even larger buckets and those (carry)� to the sugar shack. The sap (filter) through a cloth, (store) in barrels and in cold weather it (can/keep)� for a few days before it (process) further . The sap contains a large amount of water. It (boil down) to make syrup in large kettles over an open fire. Maple candy and maple sugar (produce) by the further thickening of the syrup.

2. What is (happening) in the pictures? Chose the correct answer.

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3. Number the maple syrup making process in the order of its pruduction.

The sap starts to drip from the tree.

The sap is boiled in large kettles until it thickens to the one fortieth of its original volume

The tap is hammered into the tap hole.

Bottles are filled up with syrup and sealed.

The sap is�collected from the buckets and poured into larger buckets.

Holes are drilled in the maple trees in the height of about 1 m from the ground.

Further boiling and thickening causes the formation of sugar crystals.

Buckets are hung on hooks bellow the tap.

The sap is taken to the sugar shack and is collected in a barrel.

Maple candy is made as the molten sugar is poured into moulds.