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The use of "used to"

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These are incomplete sentences. Circle A, B, C or D as your best choice to complete each sentence.

1.  Now Nam has got a car. He ____________a motor-cycle.

    A. uses to drive                B. used to driving             C. used to drive                  D. uses to driving             

2.  In the past,_____  disabled children.

    A. education                                               B. educators

    C. educating                                                 D. educated                               

3. Many people were killed in the plane crash. The bodies of ______were taken away ______were taken to hospital.

    A. the death - the injured   B. the dead - the injured     C. the dead - the injury     D. the die - the injured                              

4. Do you think the ___________should pay more taxes?

    A. poorer                             B. poor                        C. poverty                            D. poorly                                    

5. It's better for the _______to be cared for at home rather than in hospitals.

    A. sick                                 B. sicker                       C. sickness                          D. sickly                                      

6. The government is discussing the problem of housing for the_________

    A. unemploy                       B. employed               C. employ                                D. unemployed                            

7.  We haven't really ________the cost of the activities yet.

    A. calculating                      B. calculation              C. calculated                        D. calculate