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Present Simple

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1) Present Simple

a) Martin English at school. (teach)

b) I in London with my parents. (live)

c) Your brother to England every summer. (go)

d) She football on Sundays. (play)

e) The shop at 9 o'clock in the morning. (open)

f) My friend always tv at night. (watch)

g) You science fiction books. (read)

h) Bob maths 4 hours a day. (study)

i) Mike every test without any problem. (pass)

j) We a lot of e-mail messages every day. (write)

2) Choose correct word: in, at or on.

a) The hat is the bed.

b) The students are school.

c) My dad is home.

d) Mary studies the morning .

e) John plays Sundays.

3) Complete the sentences with why, because, and, but.

1 His dog is very friendly I don�t like dogs.

2 She loves pop music videos classical music videos.

3 My friends don�t watch science programmes they read science magazines.

4 " is he sad?"

5 " his friends are not here."

4) Write the correct question word. (Who, when, what, where)

1-��do you do in the evening?

2-��do you go at the weekend?

3- �do they visit on Sundays?

4- �does she ride her bike?

5- �do you play computer games?

5) Choose True or False next to each sentence according to the text.

My name�s Carol. I always get up at a quarter to eight. I never have breakfast. I usually go to school at half past eight. I have lunch at half past one and I go home at half past three. I often meet my friends in the afternoon and we go to a caf�. I always have dinner at eight o�clock and I do my homework. I go to bed at quarter to twelve.

1- Carol always goes to school at quarter past eight.

2- Carol goes home at half past one.

3- Carol often meets her friends at the caf�.

4- Carol does her homework at eight o�clock.

5- Carol never has dinner.

6) The Present Simple Negative

1) Susan and I (play) computer games.

2) He (buy) the newspaper every day.

3) Her father (sit) on the big chair for dinner.

4) My father (work) in a bank.

5) We (sleep) in the afternoon.

6) My sisters (watch) television every evening.

7) She (walk) to school every morning.

8) My brother (watch) television at night.

9) The aeroplane (fly) at 2000 km/h.

10) Your sister (sing) very well.