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Computer and Technology

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I. Choose the correct answer below.
  1. This is a                      2. This is a                            3. This is a
     4. This is a               5. This is a                    6. This is a
    7. This is a               8. This is a                   9. This is a
  10. This is a           11. This is a                          12. This is a
II. Fill the gaps with the correct object below.

       1. If we want to print out the information in the computer, we use a .

      2. A  is a small object which you move with your hand to give instructions to the computer.

      3. If we want to upload our pictures onto the computer, we use a .

      4. While chatting on the web we usually use a to see each other's faces.
      5. It is smaller than a desktop computer and you can carry it with your hands. It is a 
Short-video clip of new computer technology today
How does the new computer technology look today?
Discuss and share with your friends! 
by Vanara