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Mr. Beanīs sandwich

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  •  Mr. Bean's sandwich
 1. Watch the video and choose the correct answer:
  • Where is Mr. Bean?
  • What’s the time?


  • What’s the weather like?


  • What is the man on the bench doing?

  • What is Mr. Bean wearing?

2.  Mr. Bean wants to make a sandwich.

    What do you need to make one? Tick the right ingredients:


 Cheese   Tomato     Tuna    Ham     Mayonnaise

 Chicken   Milk    Eggs   Bacon      Pasta    Bread    

 Cereals    Fish     Jam Yoghurt      Flour    Lettuce 


3.   Now put the sentences in the correct order:

  • He takes his sock off


  • He cuts the bread


  • He spreads butter on the bread


  • He takes a fish out of a jar


  • He  washes lettuce at the fountain


  • He kills the fish


  • He rinses the lettuce


  • He thanks the man for the sandwich


  • He drinks milk from a baby bottle


  • He takes a hot water bottle out


  • He puts some pepper on his sandwich


  • He sneezes


  • He puts the tea bag in the hot water bottle