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(Affirmative and interrogative forms)
Complete the following sentences with there is and there are or is there and are there.
1.  a beautiful girl over there.
2.  a yellow car in the street.
3.  a present for Irene?
4.  a few oranges on the table.
5.  four boys playing football.
6. I see  four chairs around the table.
7.  many owls in this forest?
8. Marian says  a kitten under the sofa.
9. The children play outside when  snow in the field.
10.  no teachers working today.
11. When  a crisis, people have no money.
12.  anybody there?
13.  tourists in this city?
14.  a big park in the city centre.
15. Paul says  many clouds in the sky today.
16.  four little birds in the nest.
17. My  mother says  many books in my bedroom.
18.  any rubber in your pencil case?
19.  many pens on your desk?
20.  four turtles at Sandy's house.
21.  no class on Sunday.
22.  any sailboats in the harbour?
23. No, but  many cruise ships.
24.  a banana in William's schoolbag.
25.  four milk bottles on the floor.
26.  any possibility to make a phone call?
27.  few possibilities to make a phone call.
28.  many wars in the world.
29.  also many good people.
30.  anybody who knows the answer?