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Past Simple and Past Continuous

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     Past Simple


       Past Continuous


       Use the Past Simple to talk about an event which happened at some point in time in the past.
       Use the Past Continuous to talk about activities or situations which were not completed in the past or to set the scene (background) in a story.
       The past continuous also indicates that a longer action in the past was interrupted.
       The interruption is usually a shorter action in the Simple Past.
       Remember this can be a real interruption or just an interruption in time.

        Exercise 1  Choose the correct past simple.
           1.   It  ________ (rain) yesterday afternoon.          rainned    rained       
         2.   Mary _______(practise) the violin last night     practised  practises  
         3.   Last summer Mandy _____ (study) Spanish     studyed    studied 
         4.   The audience _____ (clap) at the end.              clapped    claped
         5.   We ______ (go) to Paris last year.                   went        goed   
       Exercise 2 Complete the sentences with the past simple tense.
       1.  We 
(take) a lot of photos in London.
       2.  He's very rich. (win) the lottery?
       3.  My boyfriend
(send) me twenty emails yesterday.
       4.  They
(not have) a good time at the disco.
(visit) your grandparents at the weekend?
       6.  My brother
(not do) his homework last night.

  Exercise 3  Choose the correct form of the past continuous.
    1. Max  a computer game at 6 o'clock.
        2. I  dressed when you arrived.
        3. We  dinner at 8.30.
        4. Pete and Mary  a magazine.
        5. Your mother  a pizza.     
  Exercise 4 Complete the sentences with the past continuous tense.
    1.  I  (watch) TV when he came.
        2.  While we  (have) the picnic, we saw a bear.
        3.  The children (listen) to the teacher.
        4.  I didn't hear the phone because I (listen) to my i-Pod.
        5.  What (do) when I called?
        6.  Sam (wait) for us at the bus stop.                                                                      

        Exercise 5  Choose the correct tense: past simple or past continuous.
         As I  home yesterday, I  Mark's friend, Sue. She  in a shop window when I  her. We  for a cup of coffee and we  a chat. Then we  to the bus station. Sue's bus  shortly after we  , so Sue  goodbye quickly and  to the bus. As she  on, I  it was the wrong bus. I  after it, but it  too fast.
  Exercise 6 Write the verb in the correct form (past simple or past continuous).
          1. It  (rain) as I left the house.
        2. The baby   (sleep) peacefully when I took this photo.
        3. I (paint) this picture when I was at primarry school.
        4. The sun (shine) when I (get up) today.
        5. My brother (break) his leg, while we (ski).
        6. I left the party when he (arrive).
        7. While I (shop), I (meet) my friend.
        8. They  (win) the match when I phoned my girlfriend.

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