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I. Look at the map and answer the questions using on, on the corner of, next to, between, and across from.

1. Where is the hospital?������������ �
2. Where is the high school?�������
3. Where is Kim's restaurant?����
4. Where's the�drugstore?������������
5. Where's the butcher's shop?���
II. Look at the map and answer these questions using short answers.
1. Is there a gym in the city?���������������������
2. Are there three schools?������������������������
3. Is there a bank next to the drugstore?�
4. Are there any hot dog stands?��������������
5. Are there any museums in the city?�����
III. Read the directions and find the places on the map. Write your answer on the crossword puzzle.


1. It's on Mason Street next to the park.
2. It's on Jones Street next to the market.
3. It's on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Mason Street, across from Sports Town.
4. It's on the corner of 1st Avenue and Jones Street, next to the drugstore.
5. It's across from the market, on�2nd Avenue.
6. It's on 4th Avenue, across from Sports Town.