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Subject personal pronouns and possessive determiners

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Subject personal pronouns and possessive�determiners

� Fill in the table with the�possessive determiners.�

subject personal pronoun

possessive determiner









�Choose the correct subject personal pronoun or possessive�determiner and write it into the box.

1)����� This is Tom. It�s birthday today.

2)��� Mr Smith is a teacher. is a good teacher.�������������������������� �

3)��� am a boy. name is Sam.

4)���� are friends. This is school.�������������������������������������������

5)��� This is Mike. is my friend.

6)��� This is a classroom. is my classroom. windows are big.

7)��� Mary is a girl. has got a doll. doll is small.

8)��� These are Peter and Tim. are friends. favourite subject is History.

9) I am Susan. This is school.

10)This is a book. is black and white. title is Tales about two dogs.

11) Are hungry, Joe? No, am not.

12) �Where is Mum?� �Isn�t in the kitchen?� �Yes, is.� �Then this is voice.�

13) �What�s name?� �Kim.� �How old are ?� � am 9.� �Is this bag?� �Yes, is.�

14)��� Jane and Joan are sisters. This is room. have got a big room. dolls are on beds.

15) I have got a friend. name is Paul. is 10 years old. am 10 years old, too. (Paul and I) have got a birthday party today. There are friends.

16) is a dog. has got black eyes.� name is Tiny.


17) am Sarah. am Mandy�s friend. have got a red pen, has got a blue one. pen is red,� pen is blue.

18) You and Greg are brothers. This is ball.