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�������������hearts-desi-glitters-55�� LOVE IS MY RELIGION��hearts-desi-glitters-55
Love is my religion, Love is my religion, Love is my religion
I'll take you to the temple
�I've been searching, to find out what �is worth
through the
and bibles of time I've made up my mind
�condemn, I don't convert, this is a calling have you heard
�to the fold, cause no one is gonna lose their soul

Love is my religion, Love is my religion, Love is my religion
hey you can
, and you don't have
I �to fight, hey��fly a kite
�that we can't cure, and I'll keep you in for sure
�nobody stop us, �have to soar
with you I share the gift, the gift that we
oh oh oh

( Chorus )

Well I'm done
�now, I found out what �is worth
not in the books that I find, but by searching

condemn, I don't convert
this is the calling have you heard, bring
�to the fold
no one is gonna lose their soul

( Chorus )
GOOD JOB!���� Glitter Graphics from Pixages