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Paraphrasing Lower Intermediate

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Paraphrasing lower intermediate level (third-fourth year level)

1. We were late. However, we decided to walk.  (Despite)

2. She said she didn’t want to change her job.  She may change her mind. (  In spite of )
    In spite of
3. Our neighbors’ party was so noisy that we couldn’t sleep. We didn’t complain, though. (However)
Our neighbors party
4. You must not chew gum in class. (allowed)
You  in class.
5. I think you 'd better get some medical advice (Should)
I think  advice.
6.Our family went to the seaside every Sumer, but not any more. (used)
Our family  every Summer.
7. Tomorrow is Saturday! It is not necessary to get up early! (have)
It is Saturday tomorrow, I
8. There is someone at the door. Perhaps it is Susan. (may)
There is someone at the door it,
9. What about going to Pizza Express this afternoon?  (shall)
 this afternoon?
10. "Please help me with the bags." She asked.
She asked