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Passive Voice

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Passive Voice

Put the following sentences into Passive Voice. Ready?? Lets start.

1)      Alexander Bell invented the telephone in 1876.    The telephone

2)      Teenagers drink coca cola and eat hamburgers.    Coca Cola and hamburgers by Teenagers.

3)      They are building a new hospital near the city.   A new hospital

4)      Toyota will make 1.000.000 new cars this year in Brazil.      1.000.000 new cars

5)      Egyptians found Tutankamon`s tomb many years ago.                Tutankamon`s tomb   

6)      Someone gave her a brand-new computer for her birthday.   She

7)      Engineers are trying to find a solution for that old structure.   A solution

8)       Chinese people grow rice since ancient times.  Rice

9)      She has found a new cure for that cruel disease.    A new cure

10)   She will learn to speak English in no time.    English

11)   The park guards do not allow people to get close to bears.  People

12)   They have given him a very important prize for his discovery.   He

13)   Judy rescued a little boy from a terrible fire.   A little boy

14)   Thomas has forgotten his English book at home.  His English book

15)   The mechanic is repairing Joe`s car this week.   Joe's car

16)   Argentinean boys play soccer every day at school.     Soccer

17)   Gary had crashed his car some months ago.    His car

18)   Someone has stolen her red purse today.     Her red purse

19)   Mary`s parents are going to buy her a new car for her birthday.  She

20)   They produce a lot of beer in Germany.   A lot of beer

21)   She is not going to open a new restaurant this week.    A new restaurant

22)   Einstein discovered relativity.   Relativity

23)    The government has built 20 new houses for the homeless.   20 new houses

24)   Jenny bought a red bicycle for Tommy`s birthday.   A red bicycle

25)   The doctor diagnosed Lance Armstrong with cancer.  Lance Armstrong

26)   They are going to build a new bridge in San Francisco next year.  A new bridge

27)   Someone has cleaned my office this morning.  My office

28)   Ben built that house in 1878 in California.    That house

29)   A lot of people speak English nowadays. English

30)   I take photographs in my free time.  Photographs

31)   The firefighter helped the old lady cross the street.   The ols lady

32)   The gardener watered the roses yesterday morning.  The roses

33)   Those children sing beautiful songs at charity parties.  Beautiful songs

34)   Young people do a lot of excercise to be fit.    A lot of excercise

35)   Jake will make apple sauce for everyone.

36)   Somebody saw the thief with my laptop.    The thief

37)   They are going to watch the film on television.  The film

38)   People in Brazil voted for president and senators.  President and senators

39)   Harry is drinking a cup of coffee.   A cup  of coffee

40)   Tim is washing the blue car.   The blue car

41)   My father doesn`t wear a tie for work.  A tie

42)   They will take the dog to the vet this week.   The dog

43)   I lost my keys last week.   My keys

44)   The accident shocked the whole family.    The whole family

45)   Chinese people owe the restaurant down the block.   The restauurant down the block

46)   Tourists pay a lot of money for art crafts.  A lot of money

47)   They asked me many questions at the police station.   I

48) Tomas is rescuing the cat.  The cat
49) Do they sell eggs by the dozen?    eggs
50)They told me to stay inside and not go out.  I