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Technology (ipod nano)

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      The iPod nano is Apple's fourth  digital audio player. It was introduced  on September 7, 2005, replacing the iPod mini, which discontinued on the same day. It is only 1.6 inches wide, 3.5  inches long, 0.27 inches thick and weighs 42 grams. Its stated battery life is 14 hours. The screen is 176x132 pixels, 1.5 inches diagonal, and can display 65,536 colours.
      The iPod nano was launched in two colours (black and white) with two available sizes: 2GB (roughly 500 songs) for $199  and 4GB (1000 songs) for $249. Apple also released some accessories, including armbands and silicone tubes (possibly a play on nanotubes) designed to bring colour to the nano and protect it from scratches, as well as a combination lanyard-earphone accessory that hangs around the neck.
      The iPod nano uses flash memory instead of a hard disk. As a result, it has no moving parts, making it immune to skipping and far more durable than disk-based players. Testing by technology-enthusiast website Ars Technica has shown that even after being driven over twice by a car, the unit's screen was damaged but that it could still play music. The unit finally stopped playing music after being thrown 40 feet into the air.
      The initial consumer response to the iPod nano was overwhelmingly positive and sales  were heavy. The iPod nano sold its  first 1 million units in only 17 days and has driven Apply to a record billion-dollar profit for 2005.
I. Match the paragraphs with the main ideas.
Paragraph I     
Paragraph II    
Paragraph III   
Paragraph IV   
   A. iPod nano’s capacity of music playing
   B. iPod’s consumer  feedback
   C. iPod nano’s appearance
   D. iPod nano’s  variety
II. Fill in the table with the correct  information.
(1) Apple
Introduction date
Width: (3)
Length: (4)
Thickness: (5)
Weight: (6)
Size: (7)
Display: (8)
(9) and (10)
2GB ($199)
(11)  ($249)