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Where are these people?  What are they doing? 
  Where's Bob?
                   He's at
                  What's he doing?
                  He is painting.  He is writing.
 Where's Billy?
                 He's .
                 What's he doing?
                 He is making the bed.   He is sitting on the bed.
 Where's Mary?
                  She's .
                  What's she doing?
                   She's washing her hands.   She's eating lunch.
  Where's Elizabeth? 
                      She's .
                      What's she doing? 
                       She's sleeping.    She's cooking dinner.
  Where are the children?
                           They're .
                           What are they doing?
                           They're drawing.    They're swimming.
 Where is Mr. Smith?
                       He's .
                       What's he doing?
                        He's eating lunch.    He's watching TV.
  Where is Liza?
                     She's .
                     What's she doing?
                      She's sweeping the floor.   She's vacuuming the floor.
      Where is Sophia?
                  She's .
                  What's she doing?
                  She's cooking.    She's drying the dishes.
  Where is Maureen?
                She's .
                What's she doing?
                 She's brushing her teeth.    She's combing her hair.
  Where is Maria?
                       She's .
                       What's she doing?
                       She's washing the dishes.    She's cooking.
 Where is the teacher?
                         She's .
                         What is she doing?
                         She's reading a book.    She's writing on the board.



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