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Big ´Fraid, Little ´Fraid

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Big 'Fraid, Little 'Fraid

There was a boy and his father, his mother and a pet monkey... that's not much for a  story, is it? But wait... none of those  scared little boy because all those  were made by him. He'd run errands for  and he would be out late at night. Everybody always told him about ghosts; but he didn't believe a . So he made those sounds because he thought it would be  if someone heard him and was scared.


Some nights when he would get home in the late, his father would say, "I don't want you running around at . I want you at home . Aren't you afraid?"


And little boy would say, "Afraid?... I never  afraid. What's afraid?" And his father said, "Nevermind, it's nothing to see. It's something to be and I want you  early, hear me?" And the little boy said, he heard but he kept on being  and making sounds as he walked down the dark roads and past the  and the  house. He never ever saw afraid but he heard...

And when, he  home, his father and mother would tell him again and again, they didn't want him out late. The little boy said he'd try and then he'd  down and talk to the pet monkey and  him why his parents were so upset. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, in the dark that could  him. And the monkey seemed to agree...


One night, the little boy's mother and father something had to be done. They could talk and talk but the little boy would always be coming home late; until they did  about it. The father thought and thought and came up with an . You might say the father had to do, what he was going to do because; it was getting later and later and the little boy hadn't  home yet.

He took a sheet and put it , and went out of the house and  the road to wait for the boy... And he waited and he waited... and the monkey kept running  the man, to the house, to the man, watching him all dressed up in the sheet. And while the father waited, little boy home slowly and having a good , making the scary sounds. The monkey was very interested in what was happening and he thought, if the father could in a sheet, so could he - and so he did.


The boy came closer and closer and his  heard the sounds and had to  that they were  spooky and that if he didn't know who was making them... why he'd be pretty scared. As a matter of fact, he was scared but he felt that he really had to  his son a lesson about coming home late.


The boy was  his father was waiting. When the boy looked around, he could see something all dressed in white coming at him from the bushes. The boy said, "that must be afraid!" and he was pretty  to see one at last. Just then, he saw another smaller  figure come out of the bushes... and he said, "why that must be another ´fraid!" And his father heard him, but the father  there was just one of him dressed in a white sheet and if his  saw two things in white, then one of them wasn't him. So it must be a !  Scared to death, he ran and ran, with the monkey dressed in white running  him; and the little boy, not frighten at all said, "a big fraid, running away from a little ´fraid!" -And he joined them, .