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Doug´s birthday - reading comprehension

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Reading comprehension

Task 1 - Read the text carefully.

Doug’s birthday


Doug is a nine-year old boy. He has got brown hair and brown eyes. Doug’s favourite sport is baseball. He is a pupil. His school is Lincoln Primary School in New Jersey. There are fifteen girls and seventeen boys in his class. His friends are his classmates. The boys’ names are Sam, Tom, Ben, Kenny and Johnny.

Sam is 9. His hair is black, his eyes are brown. His favourite sport is football.

Tom and Ben are 10. They are twins. Their hair is blonde, they have got blue eyes. Their favourite sport is baseball.

Kenny and Johnny are cousins. Kenny is 9, Johnny is 10 years old. They have got brown hair. Kenny’s eyes are blue, Johnny’s eyes are green. Johnny’s favourite sport is baseball; Kenny’s favourite ball game is football.

Today is Doug’s birthday. His friends are in Doug’s garden. There is a birthday party in the garden. There is a table. There are six chairs. The birthday cake with nine candles is on the table. There are lots of presents on the table. They are for Doug. There is a baseball cap from Ben, a baseball card set from Johnny, a baseball T-shirt from Tom, a baseball glove from Kenny and a baseball bat from Sam.

So Doug is very happy. This is a perfect birthday.



Task 2 - Fill in the chart with the suitable information from the text.





























favourite sport







present for Doug







Task 3 - True or false. Put a tick (ü) into the correct place.





1)      Doug has got a baseball card set from Tom.




2)    Doug is from New Jersey.




3)    There are thirty-one pupils in the class.




4)    One boy has got green eyes.




5)    Doug has got a card set and a cap from the cousins.




6)    There are five friends of Doug on the party.




7)    Kenny and Johnny are twins.




8)    Ben and Sam are 10.




9)    Doug has got nine candles on his cake.




10) Tom and Ben are brothers.






Task 4 - Write short answers to the following questions.

1)      How many friends has Doug got?


2)    What’s the name of Johnny’s cousin?


3)    Who are twins?


4)    Whose favourite sport is football?


5)    Who has got brown hair?


6)    How many pupils are there in the class?


7)    Which is Doug’s school?


8)    Why is Doug happy?


9)    How many candles are there on the cake?


10) How many presents has Doug got?



Task 5 – You can see different pictures in this worksheet. Write the numbers of the following words next to the correct pictures. Be careful! There is ONE WORD and ONE PICTURE that you do not have to use.

1)  baseball cap

2)  baseball glove

3)  baseball card set

4)  candle

5)  birthday cake

6)  baseball bat

7)  present

8)  baseball T-shirt

9)  baseball shoes

10)  garden


Read the text again. Then write a composition about your birthday. Write down the following information: who are there on your birthday party, age, hair, eyes, favourite sport, presents. You can use the text to help you.