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Football Manager 2011 - Use of English - Writing B2

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Tasks for level B2
Task 1

Type of the task: Use Of English (1)

Topic: Free time

Read the following text about a new game. Choose the best word from the list (A-M) for each gap (1-10) in the text, and write its letter in the gap provided. There are TWO EXTRA words that you do not need to use. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

��������� �� ������ Football Manager 2011� � ����������������������������������

Football Manager 2011 is coming to PC and Macintosh, _____C____ (0) Football Manager Handheld 2011 for PSP (via download only). For the first time ever, aspiring managers can now (1) contracts with players in (2). And by working with a multitude of real-life football agents, Sports Interactive gained an insight as to how these negotiations can be made (3) as possible in-game. Prepare to meet different types of agents in your contract talks, each with their own personality, so will (4) need a different approach. Football Manager 2011's revamped training system includes a new match preparation area of training so that managers can give their team specific areas to (5) in the lead up to a match. The new player interaction module allows the manager to have private (6) with players, (7) public conversations regarding players at other clubs. Two years after the launch of the 3D Match Engine, gamers will see a number of improvements implemented for this year's (8). With over 100 new (9) added, as well as more player emotions, new player models, (10), pitch textures, improved lighting, floodlit night matches, more goal celebrations and lots of other extras.

A��� focus on

B��� more enjoyable

C��� along with

D��� as well as

E��� animations

F���� negotiate

G��� footballer

H���� new stadiums

I������ therefore

J����� conversations

K��� as realistic

L���� release

Mreal time

Source: http://newgamefor.com/new-game-for-psp/football-manager-2011-mac-pc-psp-official-developer-blog-video-game-debut-trailer/

Task 2

Type of the task: Writing (1)

Write a discursive essay about the advantages and disadvantages of computer games. Include the following points:

  • costs

  • time
  • effect
  • imagination
  • abilities
You can add your ideas as well.

Length: 120-150 words

Give in your essay!

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