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Review Units 6 &7/

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1) Look at the picture and name the parts of the body. You may use page 89 of your Activity Book.

1-    2-   3-  4-   5-   6-   7-   8-   9-   10-

2) Read the sentences and write the correct health problem. You may look at page 89 of your Activity Book.

a) She can't write and her arm is in plaster. She's got .

b) He fell of his bike, he's got  and  on his arms and legs.
c) She went swimming yesterday and now she can't hear anything. She's got .
d) I can't smell anything, my nose is running. I've got .
e) I can't speak and it hurts when I swallow.  I've got .

3) Write "How..." questions for the answers. (AB 54 and 55)

a)  are you?                                              I'm ten years old.

b)  you come to school every day?          I come by car.
c)  is your house from the school?         About five kilometers.
d)  do you have Art at your school?    Once a week.
e)  is your morning break?                    It's twenty minutes long.

4) Write the times. (CB 60)

a) 07:20    It's .

b) 03:55    It's .
c) 11:45    It's .
d) 04:05    It's .
e) 08:35    It's .

5) Write the correct form of the verb in brackets for things that are happening NOW.

a) She  (walk) along the street.

b) He  (talk) to someone on the phone.
c) My friends  (wait) for me at the mall.
d) Andy and I  (have) ice-cream.
e) You  (study) for your test.

*remember to study all the grammar tickets and vocabulary from Units 6 and 7.

Grammar tickets: AB 54, 56, 65, 67, 68.

Vocabulary: AB 89, 90.