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1st year adolescents final test

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Clap1st year testClap

1. Read this paragraph and complete with the right verb tense.� Use SIMPLE PRESENT, SIMPLE PAST, OR FUTURE.

Mr. Smith is an engineer. He �(work) for an important company.� He is married and his wife's name �(be) Sylvia.� Both Mr Smith and Sylvia �(get up) at 7.00 evry day.� They sometimes (have) breakfast in bed when they (not go) to work.� Sylvia is a teacher.� She �(work) for a public school. She �(not like) to work more than 4 hours a day.
Last week they� �(have) holidays.� They �(go) to the beach. They� (stay) more than 2 weeks.� The �(swim)� in the sea and �(walk) on the beach every morning. They �(not go) out for dinner because they �(prefer) to stay in the house.
They are very happy now because Sylvia �(have) a baby next December, �so �they �(paint) the baby's room and they� �(buy) a lot of toys for the baby.�

2. Complete with the correct preposition

a.Xuxa is� Brazil

b.We watch t.v. �night.
c.She goes to her class �bike.
d.We studied a lot� �the morning.
e.The class finishes �7:00 o�clock.

f.The books are �the desk.
g.Winter holidays we went skiing� the mountains.

3.Complete using His � Her � My � Your Their - Our

a.� What is �name?�� name is Pedro! Hello

b. Look at that girl. What is �name?
c. This is my brother.�� name is Antonio.
d. My teacher is from England.name is Sandra
e. This is Vicky and Tony. �favorite music is rock.
f.�We don't like rock.�� favourite music is tango

4.�� Write the nationalities of these countries

  1. Brazil�����
  2. Turkey������
  3. USA����������
  4. Russia���
  5. China������
  6. Germany�
  7. France�����
  8. Spain������
  9. Italy��������
  10. Great Britain�
5. Order these sentences



often /do/ go / the/ how/ you/ to/cinema?
never/ he/ lunch/ in/ restaurant/ has/ the
now/ is/ the/ newspaper / he/ reading /
6. What are they doing?� Look at the pictures and answer the questions
1. What is the frog doing?
2. Is the frog sleeping?
3. What is the baby doing?
4. Is the duck swimming?
5. What are the frogs doing?

7. Complete the sentences with 'must', 'mustn't', 'can', 'can't' or 'Let's'.

1 ��Please be quiet! I� hear the radio.