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Present Simple or Present Continuous

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Present Simple or Continuous
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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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Age: 12-17
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Let's see what these people do every day and what they are doing now.
Every day
 I/teacher/teach children  
 I am a teacher.                        
I teach children every day.
not teach/go on a picnic
 I am not teaching today.         
 I am going on a picnic.     
She/reporter/write about the news
She is a reporter.                    
She writes about the news.     
not write/go fishing 
She is not writing today.         
She is going fishing.             
She/housewife/work at home
She is a housewife.                  
She  at home.                 
not work/jog in apark
She  today.     
She  in a park.         
He/policeman/work in the old town
He is a policeman.                         
He  in the old town.               
not work/go to New York
He  today.      
He  to New York.  
Tom/dentist/take care of people’s teeth
Tom is a dentist.                              
He  care of people’s teeth.           
not work/play basketball 
He  today.                           
He  basketball.    
Bill/artist/paint pictures  
Bill is an artist.                         
He  pictures.                    
not paint/have a bath
He  today. 
He  a bath.                    
Rob/fireman/put out fire.
Rob is a fireman                                           
He  out fire.                      
not put out fire/try hats on
He  out fire today.
He  hats on.                         
Mr  Bell/farmer/work in the field
Mr Bell is a farmer.
He  in the field.                   
not work/visit their son
He  today.
He  his son.       
Mr Brown/carpenter/make furniture
Mr Brown is a carpenter.              
He  furniture.
not make furniture/cook for his friends
He  furniture today.
He  for his friends.                 
Mrs Adams /cook/work in restaurant
Mrs Adamas is a cook.
She  at a restaurant.     
not cook/have flu  
She  today.
She flu.          
Alice/waiter/work in café
Alice is a waitress.                                  
She  in a café.                                    
not work/watch  a film
She  today.
She  a film.       
Whose tools are they?               
Whose hose is this?
It's the fireman's hose.
    rake Whose rake is this?
It's the  rake.
     hammer Whose hammer is this?
It's the  hammer.
   pot Whose pot is this?
It's the  pot.
     pen Whos epen is this?
It's the  pen.
    vacuum cleaner Whose vacuum cleaner is this?
It's the vacuum cleaner.
     badge Whose badge is this?
It's the  badge.
     book Whose book is this?
It's the  book.
 Tick the sentences that are correct. 
1. The policeman helps people.                    
   The policeman is helping people.               
2. The doctor is going for a walk now.         
    The doctor goes for a walk now.             
3. The dentist is having lunch at the moment.
    The dentist has lunch at the moment.        
4. The waitress works in a cafe every day.   
    The waitress is working in a cafe every day.
5. The teacher is teaching now.                     
    The teachers teahes now.                          
6. The housewife cleans every day.                 
    The housewife is cleaning every day.      
7. The carpenter is listening to music now.   
    The carpenter listens to music now.         
8. The farmer is working in the field now.   
    The farmer works in the field now.         
9. The fireman is reading a book now.         
     The fireman reads a book now.              
10.The reporter is going downtown now.      
     The reporter goes downtown now.          
    Good luck,