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Simple Past Tense 2/1 Exercises for beginners

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Simple Past Tense exercises(2/1)

for beginners

Forming the past tense of regular verbs.

In Simple Past Tense you have to add �(e)d after regular verbs.

Be careful!

  • To a regular verb that ends in �e we only add �d.

������� move moved

  • Y changes into �i in the end of the regular verbs if there is a consonant before it.

������� try tried

  • The consonant doubles in the end of the regular verb, if it is a one-syllabled word which is short if we pronounce it and if there is a vowel in front of the last letter (consonant).

������� stop stopped

  • The �l� consonant doubles in the end of the regular verb.

������� travel travelled

Task 1 - Put the verbs in the brackets into Simple Past Tense.

1)����� He (knock) at the door.

2)����� Tom (lie) to his mum.

3)����� Mum (lift) her bags.

4)����� They (like) this programme.

5)����� You (listen) to the radio in June.

6)����� We (live) in Cambridge.

7)����� He (lock) the gate.

8)����� I (look) at the photos.

9)����� Mike (love) dancing.

10)����� I (believe) her.

11)����� She (visit) her parents in London.

12)����� They (paint) a beautiful picture.

13)����� My mum (ask) me.

14)����� Dogs (hate) cats.

15)����� John (marry) Susan.

16)����� The cars (move) in the street.

17)����� You (open) the gate.

18)����� Dad (pack) the dresses into the wardrobe.

19)����� I (pass) by the window.

20)����� You (pick up) every litter in the street.

21)����� Paul and you (play) football.

22)����� I (pour) some water into the kettle.

23)����� Dick (push) the door.

24)����� The Lees�(quarrel).

25)����� It (rain).

26)����� He (remember) everything.

27)����� We (repair) our car in the garage.

28)����� Grandma (sew) my trousers.

29)����� The family (ski) in winter.

30)����� The baby (smile).

Task 2- Rewrite the sentences into the Simple Past Tense.

1)����� John cleans the car.


2)�����Mr Black climbs on the big mountain.


3)����� Mandy cooks the lunch.


4)����� The baby�cries.


5)����� Tom�and Mary dance.


6)����� Frank fishes next to the lake.


7)������Ms�Green�hoovers the carpets.


8)����� She dreams about flying.


9)����� Mrs Brown irons the clothes.


10)����� She laughs at something.


Task 3 - Match the pictures with the correct sentences and write the number of the sentence into the box provided next to each picture.