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Simple Past Tense 2/1 Exercises for beginners

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Simple Past Tense exercises(2/1)

for beginners


Forming the past tense of regular verbs.

In Simple Past Tense you have to add –(e)d after regular verbs.

Be careful!

  • To a regular verb that ends in –e we only add –d.

        move š moved

  • Y changes into –i in the end of the regular verbs if there is a consonant before it.

        try š tried

  • The consonant doubles in the end of the regular verb, if it is a one-syllabled word which is short if we pronounce it and if there is a vowel in front of the last letter (consonant).

        stop š stopped

  • The ‘l’ consonant doubles in the end of the regular verb.

        travel š travelled


Task 1 - Put the verbs in the brackets into Simple Past Tense.

1)      He  (knock) at the door.

2)      Tom  (lie) to his mum.

3)      Mum  (lift) her bags.

4)      They  (like) this programme.

5)      You  (listen) to the radio in June.

6)      We  (live) in Cambridge.

7)      He  (lock) the gate.

8)      I  (look) at the photos.

9)      Mike  (love) dancing.

10)      I  (believe) her.

11)      She  (visit) her parents in London.

12)      They  (paint) a beautiful picture.

13)      My mum  (ask) me.

14)      Dogs  (hate) cats.

15)      John  (marry) Susan.

16)      The cars  (move) in the street.

17)      You  (open) the gate.

18)      Dad  (pack) the dresses into the wardrobe.

19)      I  (pass) by the window.

20)      You  (pick up) every litter in the street.

21)      Paul and you  (play) football.

22)      I  (pour) some water into the kettle.

23)      Dick  (push) the door.

24)      The Lees  (quarrel).

25)      It  (rain).

26)      He  (remember) everything.

27)      We  (repair) our car in the garage.

28)      Grandma  (sew) my trousers.

29)      The family  (ski) in winter.

30)      The baby  (smile).


Task 2- Rewrite the sentences into the Simple Past Tense.

1)      John cleans the car.



2)     Mr Black climbs on the big mountain.



3)      Mandy cooks the lunch.



4)      The baby cries.



5)      Tom and Mary dance.



6)      Frank fishes next to the lake.



7)      Ms Green hoovers the carpets.



8)      She dreams about flying.



9)      Mrs Brown irons the clothes.



10)      She laughs at something.




Task 3 - Match the pictures with the correct sentences and write the number of the sentence into the box provided next to each picture.