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Fill in the blanks with articles、be、preps

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1Fill in the blanks with aanthesomeany:

  1.Is this apple? No, it’s pear.

  2.There isn’t orange coat on the bed.

  3.Here’s umbrella for you.

  4.Here are  colour pens for you.

  5.There aren’t   women teachers in the room.

  6.Look at map, please.

  7.There is a cat under   bed.’

  8.Here are flowers.

  9.Are there kites on the wall?

  10.What’s that in the box? It’s English book.


2Fill in the blanks with isare

  1.There not a zebra in the zoo.

  2.There two monkeys in the tree.

  3.There  only one car behind the house.

  4.There three girls and a woman in the room.

  5.There a pen, a light and some books on the desk.

  6.What in the pencil-box?

  7. there any boys in the room now?

  8.How many maps there on the wall?

  9. there a cat under the bed?

  10. there any computers in the picture?


3Fill in the blanks with preps.

  1.There’s a football the bed.

  2.There’s a highway Yancheng and Nanjing.

  3.Is there a river the house? Yes, there is.

  4.What’s the door? It’s a cat.

  5.There’s a bird the tree.

  6.There are some maps the wall.

  7.Are there any eggs the basket? Yes, there are.

  8.How many books are there the bag? There are ten.

  9.I can see some flowers the garden.

  10.What’s the fridge?

  11.There’s a map of the world the wall.

  12.What’s your bathroom?

  13.Are there any children  the swing?

  14.There’s a river and some flowers the garden.

  15.The computer rooms are the first floor.