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You must follow the rules - must/mustnīt
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Age: 8-17
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must or have to
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must or have to?
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Must or Have to?
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Age: 10-17
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Age: 8-14
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 True or false. Tick the correct box.
Smile     Unhappy   You must wash your hands before lunch.
Smile     Unhappy   You mustn't listen to your parents.
Smile     Unhappy   You must break the windows at school.
Smile     Unhappy   You must take a shower every day.
Smile     Unhappy   You mustn't eat fruit and vegetables every day.
Smile     Unhappy   You must eat lots of sweets if you want to lose some weight.
Smile     Unhappy   You must feed your dog every day.
 Complete the sentences with must or mustn't.
You  brush your teeth three times a day.
You  forget to do your homework regularly.
You  be nice to your classmates.
You  wear warm cothes when it is cold outside.
You  chew gum in class.
You  study hard if you want to pass your exams.
You  fight with your classmates.
You  play football in the classroom.
You  listen to your teacher very carefully.
You  forget your best friend's birthday.
You  be rude to your grandparents.
You  go to the dentist's twice a year.
You  stay in bed when you are ill.
You  feed zoo animals.
You  do your online exercises. Wink
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