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Past simple tense worksheet preview
Past simple tense

Past Simple Tense worksheet preview
Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense - Worksheet worksheet preview
Past Simple Tense - Worksheet

Past Simple practice worksheet preview
Past Simple practice

Past v Present Perfect Tense worksheet preview
Past v Present Perfect Tense

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Simple Past Tense test
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Past simple
Level: intermediate
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1.  Match. Write the correct numbers next to the action words.
 wear a costume  go fishing  get married  have a bath
 play the guitar  eat some honey  laugh at a joke  sail a boat
 rain  read a book  do a magic trick  make a snowman
1.  2.  3. 4. 5.6.
7. 8.  9.  10.11.  12.
2. Write the simple past forms next to the correct verbs.
    Clown wore Clown played Clown rained  Clown went Clown ate Clown read Clown got Clown laughed Clown did Clown had Clown sailed Clown made Clown
get make play have
rain wear read go
sail eat do laugh
3. What did they do yesterday? Complete the sentences with the simple past forms.
 Winnie  a boat yesterday.  SpongeBob  the guitar.
 Tweety  a magic trick yesterday.  Winnie  some honey yesterday.
 Mickey  a book yesterday.  Winnie  fishing yesterday.
Winnie  a costume yesterday.  It  a lot yesterday.
 Pluto  a bath yesterday.  Mickey  at a joke yesterday.
 Winnie  a snowman yesterday.  Mickey and Minnie  married yeterday.
  Have a nice day!
created by teacher Jelena





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