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Present Simple Tense worksheet preview
Present Simple Tense

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Present Simple tense worksheet preview
Present Simple tense

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Fill in the gaps with the present simple of the verbs in brackets.

1.     They  (not sing) in the school choir.

2.    The sport man(run) very fast but he (not jump high.

3.    We ( read) adventure books because we  (like) them.

4.   (she / drive) to work? No, she She(go) on foot

5.    You  (speak) very good English but you  (write) it well.

6.    My sister (watch) TV every day. She (love) it.

7.    My friend and I (go) swimming every afternoon in summer.

8.    My brother (not eat) vegetables but he (eat) lots of fruit

9.    (you / drink) coffe? Yes, I . I (drink) coffee every morning but I (not take) sugar.

10.  My teacher (wear) very nice clothes  and she(look) pretty in them.

Put the verbs in the correct form:

1. What you usually (have) for breakfast?

2. My mum often  (read) a book before she  (go) to bed.

3. Where the new student (come) from? Oh, I (think) he (come) from Australia.

4. They  (not come) to school by bus, they (come) on foot.

5. My parents sometimes  (go) to the cinema on Saturday. My father  (like) action films, but my mother (prefer) comedies.

6. As soon as she (arrive) home, she always (have) a cup of tea.

7. Mark never  (watch) TV in the evening, his parents (not let) him.

8. Mary (have) computer classes twice a week.

9. When you usually (do) your homework? I always (do) it in the afternoon.

10. My dad  (drink) ten cups of coffee a day.





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