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Jealous Guy - John Lennon - Past simple/Past progressive

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I'm Just a Jealous Guy�� by John Lennon������� A song using PAST SIMPLE and PAST PROGRESSIVE

I� (dream) of the past.

And my heart �(beat) fast.

(x2) I� (begin) to lose control.

I� (not mean) to hurt you.

I'm sorry that I� (make) you cry.

I� (not want) to hurt you.

I'm just a jealous guy.

I �(feel) insecure.

You might not love me anymore.

(X2) I� (shiver) inside.


I� (try) to catch your eyes.

�(think) that you� (try) to hide. �/

(2x) I� (swallow) my pain.


Write the�word or phrase that means:

1. shaking =�

2. unsure of yourself =�

3. I apologize =�I'm

4. caused you to =��you

5. A muscle that sends blood around the body�=

6. Something going down your throat =

7. Get your attention =�catch