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FREAKY FRIDAY - The trailer

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I- Watch the trailer once.


II-Listen again and complete the following :

Mother : Anna

             Honey, !

             I have had it


Anna    : Aaaaah !


Mother :!


Anna    : What  I’m ready


                     Narrator : In the Coleman family


Mother : Bye . Make good choices

                     Narrator : are manic


Anna    : I can’t it is Jake


Girl : He’s not l.. he’s totally  looking at you


                     Narrator : are wild


Anna    : of my room

                    Narrator : And for Anna and Tess there is never enough time

                                                     To really each other

Mother : Well it’s after six

Anna    : You’re my life

                    Narrator : But on

Mother : You think my life is
Anna    : You couldn’t last one day in my
Chinese waitress :  
                    Narrator :That’s all about a                                                    
                                                      Because things are going yet a little
Mother : Why am I in  room ?

              This isn’t              

               aren’t mine

              That’s not mine

Mother and Anna    : Agh….

Mother : You’re in my I’m in your

Anna : I’m
Mother :
Anna : OH I’m like the creep keeper
Mother :
Anna : Would you like chill for a sec
Anna :
Mother :  My ’s tomorrow
Anna :       
         You !
Anna : Platinum,
Mother : Don’t even           
                        Narrator : Jamie Lee Curtis

Mother : This thong

Harry :   Oh!
                        Narrator :Lindsay Lohan

Anna :

Mother : What ?
Anna :  It’s not like I’ve ever been on it


                   Narrator : Walt Dysney Pictures presents
                                                             The movie  about what it takes

Mother : I can’t do this

Girl : ?

                         Narrator :To make someone else’s
Anna : Do something.

                         Narrator :

Anna : When what you see is what you lack           

Anna and Mother : Then selfless love will change you back

Anna : Why don’t we like

Mother : Yes, a

Anna : Go

Anna and Mother : Oh !

Anna : OK That was                       

                        Narrator : Freaky Friday


Ryan :  Where 's  Harry’s ?


Anna : He can walk from here


Harry : It’s  

Anna : Run fast
III- Find 12 words or expressions from the text :