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The Parody of Timbaland´s ´The Way I Are´

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Watch the parody of Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’ and do the following exercises.



Examples of Slang (non-standard English)

Write in the missing words to complete the following vocabulary of non-standard English.


  • ‘ain’t’ is used in the song to replace: isn’t, am not or
  • an apostrophe (‘) shows the absence of a in a word,
  • is a short way of saying ‘because’
  • ‘skurred’ is a slang word meaning
  • ‘thurr’ is the slang for ‘
  • ‘be’ is used for ‘am//is’
  • ‘an’ is a short slang version of ‘
  •   is the slang word used for caps worn over one's teeth mostly made out of gold, silver, diamond
  • is short for "got to"
  • ‘da’ is the slang for the definite article ‘
  • ‘ma’ is another way to say ''
  • is a word for rappers to begin and end many of their sentences


Tick the lines that have grammatical mistakes. N.B.: The above examples of slang vocabulary are NOT regarded grammatical mistakes in this exercise


 I ain’t got no reason

 I ain’t got no motive to articulate

 My consonants and vowels

 I see no good reason to enunciate

Talk to me girl


 Baby it’s alright you got no eloquence

 As long as it rhymes

 It don’t have to make sense

 Jus’ throw out all those grammatical elements

 There ain’t no need to say it right



 It’s the latest trend go an tell your friends

 We can all begin to use bad grammar

 All the latest songs like to say it wrong

 We be singin’ wit’ some bad grammar

 Take the last letter off the end of words

 Now you're talkin' wit' some bad grammar

 I ain't pullin' tricks with my linguistics

 I'm jus' talkin'


 I don't use no syntax

 I ain't got no idea what a singular verb is

 I'm worser at superlatives

 And I don't ever use no double negatives

 Talk to me girl

 Baby it's alright

 C’mon now don't be skurred

 It's all the latest craze to mispronounce some words

 Like instead of "that right there"

 We would say "that right thurr"

 And we won't even spell it right




 Baby girl

 When I took my English class

 You know I barely passed

 Listen baby girl

 Got no proper verbal skills

 But I be wearin' grillz

 Listen baby girl

 I ain't gotta talk da talk

 To make ma record pop

 So that's why baby girl

 When I'm talkin' it seems impaired

 Seems impaired, yeah

 Yo ma gramma’ ain' no prodigy

 Ma strongest suit isn't morphology

 It's hard for people to be understanding me

 Never changed ma verbal habits since I was three

 So listen baby girl

 Before you make another sound

 Make sure you're on par

 Cuz listen baby girl

 We talkin' with some bad gramma’

 Bad gramma’, yeah




The following linguistic terms are used in the song. Which ones do the definitions refer to?


singular    morphology      eloquence        syntax       mispronounce      enunciate          linguistics


1 to pronounce words or parts of words clearly  

2 a clear, strong message     

3 the systematic study of the structure and development of language in general or of particular languages

4 the grammatical arrangement of words in a sentence

5 the form of a word used when talking or writing about one thing

6 the scientific study of the structure and form of either animals and plants or words and phrases

7 to pronounce a word or sound wrongly