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Possessive adjectives with the verb to be

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Possessive adjectives with the verb to be

Task - Fill in the chart with the suitable possessive adjectives.

Subject personal pronoun

Possessive adjective









Task - Which is correct?†Tick the correct answer.

1)††††† He is __________ brother.

a.††††† you

b.†††† your

2)††† Those are __________ bananas.

a.††††† they

b.†††† their

3)††† She is __________ new teacher.

a.††††† I

b.†††† my

4)††† Mr Lemonís __________ father.

a.††††† our

b.†††† we

5)††† These people are __________ friends.

a.††††† he

b.†††† his

6)††† Where is __________ book?

a.††††† my

b.†††† I

7)††† Fluffy is __________ small cat.

a.††††† she

b.†††† her

8)††† This is __________ yellow ball.

a.††††† it

b.†††† its

9)††† That is __________ table.

a.††††† their

b.†††† they

10) They are __________ children.

a.††††† we

b.†††† our

Task - Rewrite the sentences using the appropriate possessive adjective. Look at the example.

e.g.: This is Royís watch. This is his watch.

1)††††† This is Peterís book.

2)††† This is the dogís house.

3)††† These are Albert and Kateís books.

4)††† That is the Smithsí red car.

5)††† That is Maryís white box.

6)††† This is the teachersí room.

7)††† This is Benís school.

8)††† These are the childrenís toys.

9)††† Kate is Pennyís old friend.

10) Mark is Tonyís cousin.

Task - Write the correct possessive adjectives on the lines according to the given information in the brackets. Look at the example.

e.g.: This is __________ (Roy) watch.†This is his watch.

1)††††† That is (Tom and you) blue car.

2)††† These are (Eve and I) dogs.

3)††† Today is (I) birthday.

4)††† She is (you) best friend.

5)††† Mr Taylor is (we) teacher.

6)††† Whatís (you) name?

7)††† (I) name is Gina.

8)††† This is (the children) room.

9)††† I am (Mary) sister.

10) She is (Kim and Tom) mother.