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Willow Summary

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Fill in the gaps in the text where they fit using the words below. Some words you may use more than once. Look at the pictures to help you fill in the gaps.

apprentice (2)             cage (1)            dungeon (1)              fairy (2)                 forest (3)          fortress (1)             island (2)                 magician (1)              prophesy (1)                       river(2)     sorcerer (2)                         sorceress (3)                       village (3)                            warrior (2)

The film begins where a  foretells that a baby born with a mark will grow up and one day destroy the evil queen Bavmorda. The baby is born in the  of the evil queen. The mother begs the midwife to save her baby and the midwife escapes with the baby through the . The death dogs soon catch up with the midwife and kill her but not before she places the baby in a basket made of reed and lets it float down the .

Two little Nelwyn find the baby in the  and run to tell their father. Their father is Willow, a farmer and a , who dreams one day of becoming an  to the great High Aldwyn. Shortly at a feast after they find the baby, the death dogs attack their . The High Aldwyn sends Willow with Burglekutt, Meegosh and their  Vohnkar with the baby to the crossroads where they might find a Daikini to take care of the baby.

At the crossroads they find Madmartigan locked up in a . Willow does not trust him but Burglekutt wants to go home and leaves Willow
and heads back home with his  Vohnkar.
     But shortly after, Willow sets Madmartigan free and decides to trust him with the baby. While walking home through the  they hear a baby cry and a Brownie flying above them on a bird with baby shouting "I stole the baby." They follow, but are captured by Brownies , who take them deep into the dark  to meet the  queen Chelindrea.

The  queen tells Willow that the baby girl Elora Danan has chosen him to be her guardian and he must take her to see the  Raziel,

who will help him keep her safe.
     Willow bumps into Madmartigan again in a tavern where they must quickly flee from Sorsha's army. They make it to the lake where Willow must row the boat to an  to find Raziel. When he is on the  he finds that the great  has been transformed into a weasel.
    Soon after, they are captured by Sorsha's army. They escape again but not before Madmartigan under the spell of love dust declares his love to Sorsha. At the end, they get Sorsha and Airk with his army to help attack the evil Queen's . There is a battle between Raziel and the evil queen, who is also a . Raziel dies but Willow proves himself to be a great  as he destroys the queen. He returns back to his  as a hero and a worthy  to the High Aldwin.
The End
Find the words in the word search. Learn the spelling of these words and what they mean in your language for a test.

 It's sometimes easier to learn the spelling of words if you break them up into syllables like this:

  1. ma-gi-cian
  2. sor-ce-ress
  3. sor-ce-rer
  4. vil-lage
  5. pro-phe-sy
  6. war-rior
  7. ap-pren-tice
  8. ri-ver
  9. is-land
  10. fo-rest
  11. for-tress
  12. dun-geon
  13. fai-ry
  14. cage
Number the pictures with the words next to the word search.